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Diana Doiron, Owner/Operator, Solid Rock & Raft

As a self-taught Filemaker Pro 6 user, I could only go so far without some assistance. In 2003 I logged onto the Filemaker News group and posted a message for advice. Al Lawrance answered my call for help. His is very knowledgeable and quite quick. He

helped me create a program for operating an Outdoor Summer Camp. It includes, Contact Database, Booking, Guide Availability, Scheduling, Financial Overview, Meal Planning, Recipes, Food Pantry, Shopping Lists and Year to year tracking. This program is being used as we speak. It has made our lives here at camp much more efficient and quite easy. I would recommend Al Lawrance to help or create any type of program you may need. I found him to have a very broad knowledge of Filemaker, was very patient and quick to respond to my emails. We created and completed this program in 3 months with all of our correspondence as email. He's Great!

Ted Pinnegar, Athletic Director, Parkside Collegiate Institute

With the help of Al Lawrance, I have been able to create a Filemaker Database to track and record student participation in athletics at our school. In the past, this task has been time-consuming, inefficient and frustrating. Al created a solution to meet our needs and to streamline this process. With his guidance through prompt and frequent e-mail conversations, I was able to work through the process and make improvements where possible. I am very appreciative of Al's assistance and expertise with this database. It will certainly make my life as Athletic Director so much easier. I highly recommend his services for database design.

Charlie Hueber, Student Activities Director, Stephen A. Austin University

The gathering, storing and regurgitating of information is a vital part of our operations. We had, over the past few years, used a database that was created in house and had to manually assign hundreds of people to the various groups they belong to. Al was able to not only automate that process, but had the foresight to see other ways to stream line the collection and entry of data into our database. We had a fairly complicated database and he tackled it with ease. He stuck with us and completed the project in a fraction of the time our IT department would have. His database will save me and my staff hours of precious time. I would recommend Al to anyone.

Dr. David Hawley, Director, Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific

I write to highly recommend to you an exceptionally able database developer, Al Lawrance. After extensive searching for a comprehensive solution to our student information database, we contracted Al Lawrance to develop a custom solution for our complex and diverse College.

We worked in close collaboration to develop and agree upon an extensive specifications document for the functions we wished to have in our database. As you might imagine with such a process, we had the inevitable scope creep that comes from working with someone who shows us possibilities and solutions to our data management we never even thought was possible. However, Al worked as a true partner and collaborator with us and did not require us to submit change orders and he generously added many new functions and capabilities to our software solution.

We have been using our Student Information System for one full term and it has made a huge difference to our ability to track in meaningful ways all aspects of our students, including demographics, courses, scheduling, attendance, reporting, information directories and more. We have complete confidence moving forward that we would like to continue to work with Al. He is a recognized expert in using Filemaker and he has developed a solution for us that works on both PCs and Macs.

Perhaps just as important as exceeding our technical requirements and providing excellent and timely customer support, Al understands schools well. He is able to work with a diverse group of teachers and administrators who have a wide range of competency levels in using technology. Al shows remarkable patience and is often able to predict questions in advance and build this knowledge into his training programs for us.

I highly recommend Al Lawrance if you are looking for a custom and stable database solution.

Lawrance Database Designs