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Student Information System

The Student Information System is a database (Filemaker Pro 12) that runs under Windows 7 /8/10 or MAC OS X and requires Filemaker Pro 14 or higher to run this application. It stores student information for multiple academic years.

The SIS Demo can be accessed using the following: User Account = SIS_Admin and PW = 12345. It is recommended you change the default PW after logging in. As the SIS administrator, gain entry to the ADMIN MENU by clicking the SIS_Admin button in the bottom left corner of the opening screen. Only users defined in the student and staff tables gain entry by clicking the ENTER button on the opening screen.

Student Information System KG - 12 (2 users)




Download Demo Download Instructions

Version 1.0.29 (uploaded Jan. 5, 2014 @ 3:00 pm PT)

DEMO Zip File: 5.73 MB

(6,009,809 bytes)

You need a licensed copy of Filemaker Pro 12 or higher to open the Student Information System.

The first task as the SIS Administrator is to read the instructions on how to set up the database. A button is on the ADMIN MENU that displays the set up instructions. Contact the Developer if you have any problems.

General Overview of SIS features:

Lawrance Database Designs