Teacher Gradebook 4.0.1


(WIN 7/8/10, MAC OSX)

The Gradebook is a database that can be opened with Filemaker Pro 14 (WIN 7/8/10, Mac OS X) and Filemaker Go 14(iPAD). It stores student information for multiple academic years.

The gradebook can be used by one teacher working in schools with 1, 2, 3 or 4 terms with definable date ranges. The teacher can grade tasks in 10 user-defined categories for Term Work – the 10 categories are weighted. Examinations scores are supported for MidTerm and Final Exams and are weighted along with each weighted term average.

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Updated on Mar 31th, 2017 @ 1:00 pm   DEMO Zip File: 1,354,063 bytes (1.29 MB).  The demo has 1 limitation - 5 STUDENTS per class. When the Gradebook is purchased, a registration code will be emailed to the purchaser to enable the Gradebook fully on 1 computer, i.e., no student limitation. You need a licensed copy of Filemaker Pro 14 or higher to open THE GRADEBOOK DATABASE.

The Gradebook Demo can be accessed using the following: User Account = Teacher and PW = 12345. It is recommended you change the default PW after logging in.

The user can create class seating plans with photos. Also, the user can drag & drop the seats to create unique seating arrangements, add up to 120 tasks per term and track attendance. Dropping lowest score is supported. The Term Work and Exam grades are rolled-over to a summary table (the rolled-over grades may be edited). Each interface supports pdf reports.

There are several grading reports that can be saved as PDF files that can be attached to emails. The teacher can assign an alias to the student for privacy when posting reports. The entry of raw scores is fast and very intuitive (like a spreadsheet) and the term averages are AUTOMATICALLY computed . The demo version has a limit of 5 students per class each academic year – this limit is removed when the software is registered for use on a single computer. The registered version includes free tech support via email for 1 year.

Lawrance Database Designs

Gradebook for Filemaker Pro 14 (1 user)




The Gradebook can be upgraded for hosting on Filemaker Pro 14 Server with user accounts so a department or the entire school can share the database.  The user’s credentials would determine their degree of access to data.  Progress and Term Reports would be added so each student would have a summary of all courses on reports.  Contact the developer for further information.